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Fortune | Barbie-Q

Tell us about your restaurant…. The brief backstory of how and why you wanted to start a restaurant/food business? What kind of food do you serve? What is your restaurant “known” for?

I originally started out in the food truck world. I wanted a restaurant but at the time a food truck was all I could afford and it allowed me to see what areas my food did best in. I learned a lot having a food truck but I knew I had to figure out a way to eventually get out of the truck and start my dream restaurant. While that was my main goal, never did I imagine it would be a pandemic that lead me to my dream. In March of 2020, I began to receive multiple emails saying my truck bookings for the entire year had been canceled until further notice. I was so devastated but also felt a sense of relief. It was at that point that I figured I was being forced to leave the food truck industry and start my restaurant which is exactly what I did. I took all the money I had access to and invested it into the restaurant. In November of 2020, Barbie-Q was born. We specialize in Ribs, Pulled Pork, Polish Sausage Sandwiches, and BBQ Tacos. We are most known for our fall off the bone Baby Back Ribs.

What is unique about your restaurant?

What's unique about my restaurant is that we are a fast casual BBQ restaurant that has something for everyone, not just BBQ. We also offer Reubens, Chicken Tenders, Loaded Fries, and BBQ Tacos as well.

What is most important to you in a restaurant?

What's most important to me in a restaurant is consistency in the food and treating our customers like family. I like to create more of a personal environment for all my customers.

What was your mission at the start of your restaurant?

My mission was and is to open multiple small, fast casual Barbie- Q restaurants all over California and to eventually franchise and expand out of state.

What does “hospitality” mean to you?

Hospitality means for us creating a welcoming environment and treating everyone like family.

What would you tell someone looking to start a restaurant of their own?

Make sure it is something you really want because it is not easy but it's definitely worth it if you love what you do.

Which qualities do you look for in new employees?

Good energy and a willingness to learn more. I'd rather have an employee that is always ready and willing to learn than have someone with experience that doesn't have a teachable spirit.

Where do you see yourself & your restaurant in five years?

Having 5 locations or more across Southern California.


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