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Young Prize | The Animal-Inspired Clothing Brand Taking LA by Storm.

In the fashion industry, it can be hard to stand out among the many brands that are competing for attention. However, for Young Prize, the answer was simple: create a brand that tells a story through animal characters. This unique approach has helped the brand stand out and become a powerhouse in the fashion world.

So what makes Young Prize so unique? According to the founder, the brand's animal characters each have their own season in which their style, pop culture references, and greatness are put on display. This approach gives people a sense of individuality and self-confidence that is hard to find elsewhere. Additionally, the brand's focus on connecting with supporters and evolving through the times has helped it to expand and build genuine relationships with its audience.

The founder of Young Prize is a multi-talented creative of Liberian descent, born and raised in Philadelphia. Marcus Randall models, acts, and designs for his clothing brand, which is now based in Los Angeles. His brand is a creative reflection of his ever-evolving style and view on the world. What inspired him to first start his business was his passion for creative storytelling by incorporating pop culture and animal characters into his artwork. His time spent with fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and admiration for the works of Ralph Lauren have also helped to propel Young Prize to be the powerhouse it has the potential to be.

However, like any business, Young Prize has faced its fair share of hardships. The founder had to utilize periods where he couldn’t focus on the brand and instead make and save money for inventory and marketing. There’s also the sacrifice of being away from family to pursue this dream across the country. Another challenge was understanding the power of "no". Hearing "no" doesn’t mean you’re not good enough, it just may not be your time. That doesn’t mean give up or stop the momentum. Instead, take that time to keep leveling up. The right "yes" is on the other side of discipline and consistency.

For someone looking to start a business of their own, the founder of Young Prize advises them to trust their heart, do their research, speak positivity over themselves, and never give up. These are key elements to building a successful brand.

In terms of Young Prize's success so far, the brand has been building genuine relationships since its inception and is only continuing to grow. They opened their first store location in October 2022 and the reception has been phenomenal. There’s always something capturing someone’s eye within the store. The brand has shown itself to be a brand that can cater to many demographics and all age groups.

To balance his time between his personal life, love life, professional life, and self-care, the founder relies on routines and designates certain days for each aspect of his life. Some weeks, one thing may be sacrificed for the other, but that’s the nature of doing business.

Looking to the future, the founder sees Young Prize continuing its expansion. By that time, all the main characters will have been revealed, the brand would have collaborated with other brands/talents, and would have opened at least three more locations with a booming online presence. With this vision in mind, it's clear that Young Prize is a brand to watch out for in the coming years.


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