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Kudy K | Connecting The People of LA

Hello Kudy, tell us about your journey and how you became who you are today?

Life haha , every day I wake up thinking about what I want my life to look like and how I can get closer to that. Living In la inspires me so much and I 100% believe that if it wasn’t for me moving here and seeing the hustle, luxury la life & people around me that are living their dreams I would not be doing any of this. I’ve learned to just do it, whatever it is just give it a try even if I fail, and honestly, that’s been the best thing I could have done. I can say I’ve tried everything I wanted to.

What inspired you to start hosting events?

It was actually so random. I started off having Sunday brunch at my house with my friends the beginning of “22 and people would always respond “ no invite “ that & the fact that I was bringing all these people who never met before and connecting them made me feel like maybe I could do this same exact thing on a larger scale , of course I was nervous like what if no one wants to come, what if I can’t even sell 10 tickets . But again going back to just do it , I’m like let me give a try you never know & I believe all my ideas come from God, so I know he has a plan for me as long as I start it, he’ll finish the rest.

What do you want people to get out of attending your events?

I truly want people to be able to meet at least one person they can work with or become friends with. It’s LA, sometimes it hard for people to meet genuine people or they don’t know how to, I wanted to create a safe space to be able to start conversation and also have fun. We’re all out here following some kind of dream and sometimes all you need to do is meet someone that will either help connect you or help push you.

What are some hardships you had to overcome to be a business owner?

Whew, where do I begin lol A lot of people get into stuff for the money, which obviously we all want to make money. But while throwing these events you really have to be ready and willing to spend a lot of your time and your OWN money, being completely transparent here I spent 500 plus on covering my events for about 3 of them. So I literally did not gain any profit but in fact lost money, but I know that’s how the game works. I’m trying to build something big so it’ll all be worth it in the end. Just patience.

What are some ways that you plan on expanding your business?

This year I want to do more events, like nothing I’ve done in the past, I want to connect with more people to create something bigger, I’m down to work with others to help each other grow! So just going harder than last year!

Who are some people that you are influenced by?

Issa Rae! Watching insecure her character kind of reminds me of myself & how she put together this amazing event all by herself , she didn’t let anyone stop her from doing what she intended to do. But also in real life, Issa is amazing , her whole story and journey! I absolutely love her.

What advice would you like to give to the people wanting to be where you are today?

I say just do it , I know at this point I sound like a Nike ad but honestly that’s literally it! Don’t let anyone get in your way, get people around you that are supportive and want to see you win that are willing to help you with whatever it

Were do you see Xperience LA being in 5 years?

Wow I haven’t thought that far ahead yet , but man if this could go around the world I would love that meeting and connecting people in different states doing exactly what I’m doing here in la. That would be awesome! I want to take this on the road, I want everyone to know about it!

Next upcoming event.


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