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Nicole Valledor | Makeup Artist

Photographer: @eyeattracti0n Model: @svnnydee

Hello Nicole, tell us about your journey and how you became who you are today?

I was born and raised in the SF Bay Area. In 2011 dropped out of college and decided to finally enroll in cosmetology school. During that time I started watching makeup and hair videos on YouTube and was so interested in them. I started researching and practicing with myself and my friends constantly. I received my cosmetology license and started assisting in high-end salons for hair and for established local makeup artists whom I could learn from. Then I made the best decision to move to LA and that decision opened so many doors.

What inspired you to become an influencer/makeup artist?

I always had an interest in beauty but I didn't know at the time if I wanted to pursue it as a career. I remember always watching my mom get ready and was fascinated by it. Once I started, I loved seeing the reactions from my clients. They inspire me now. 10 years later I'm still passionate about it.

Photographer: @eyeattracti0n Model: @christinamilian

Favorite city you've been to?

I have to say San Francisco. It made me. I think it's the most beautiful city in the US. Something about the views, diversity, and hustle and bustle. I love the balance of the city and nature.

Who is on your playlist when you are doing makeup?

I am definitely an Rnb type of girl. Kehlani, Summer Walker, Brent, Drake, Thuy, Jhene, and the list goes on.

Favorite type of food?

Mexican food. I will never turn down Mexican food

More of Nicole's work

Photographer: @eyeattracti0n Model: @drayamichele

Photographer: @eyeattracti0n Model: @aslayy

Photographer: @kouroshsotoodeh Model: @lord0dd


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