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Qimmah Russo | Health and Beauty Influencer

Who is Qimmah Russo?

After our Renascence-inspired shoot, we had the honor of sitting down with Qimmah Russo to discuss her journey. While Qimmah has become a well-known face in her industry, the fitness model has an athletic resume that spans many years. Qimmah started playing basketball at a young age and used her passion for sports to drive her fitness journey.

Where did her journey start?

Qimmah was born in New York and moved to Los Angeles where she attended school and continued to play sports. Her journey as an influencer started on Instagram and rapidly grew to a point where she started making an income. Qimmah leveraged her newfound fame by partnering up with her mother to create a business that made meal plans and workout plans for her audience. The driving force has always been to inspire people to feel beautiful in their own skin.

We asked Qimmah to speak on some of the challenges she had to face on her journey and this was her response.


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