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Blxst "Before You Go" Album

Benjamin Roberts, the new emerging music star, dropped his new album recently and I don’t know about you but I am already head over heels for it. Before You Go is artist Blxst’s follow-up to his 2020 debut mixtape No Love Lost. The spectacular album incorporates a wide range of new and previously released songs. It is safe to say that the artist has effortlessly crafted a soulful, upbeat album with sheer perfection. While the album is considered a direct continuation of his previous iteration, you will witness an expanded exploration into youth, love, and loyalty.

Each tune on the album has its unique mood. The lyrics blend so well with the background music that you can link to them. While all of the tracks on the album are fantastic, the first two, "Sky Lounge Music" and "Never Was Wrong," are already on repeat in my opinion. The two provide an excellent start to the record, particularly when transitioning from the opener to the latter. The lyrics are lovely, and the music makes you nod your head. This demonstrates how much Blxst has invested in these songs, putting his heart and soul into them.

Each song in the album tells a different story. While “About You” details the artist pleading to the girl to continue the relationship, “Couldn’t Wait for It” puts forward the Blxst’s journey as the artist so far. The theme of the album ranges from love affairs to Blxst’s path towards career goals and loyalty and the artist has beautifully penned down each concept in all the songs of the album. Every album has a signature song to its name and it’s a no-brainer that “Every Good Girl” deserves the title and its name. The song is perfect to the core with beautiful cinematography and a tune that sticks to the listener’s mind. The track has already caught the attention of fans and with positive reviews floating, in no time the song and the album with top charts on top streaming platforms.

Blxst has truly put forward a signature album here. With this album, he will establish a firm ground in the genre when others struggle in the R&B genre. While his debut No Love Lost established his presence in the music industry Before You Go proves that he is here to conquer the R&B genre. The album is available for you to listen to on major streaming platforms.


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